VEVE Sniping Bots

VEVE Sniping Bots 4.3


The Most Advance Bot in the Market​

Works smoothly without bugs. Runs best on androids. Does NOT modify the veve app in anyway. Runs separately from the veve app. Therefore it can’t be detected and by far there is no ban on any of our accounts.

A Step Ahead of Others​

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Auto Buy & Try for Rebounds​

Instantly buy during the drop and will keep trying constantly for rebounds.

Runs on All Devices But..​

Android is highly recommended as it allows you to be one step ahead of others.

Success Portfolio​

Here is a tiny bit of our successful grabs from veve’s daily drops. We try to pick different variety of screenshots to show you what our bot is able to do. For the latest update, please check our Instagram.


Q: Why Use Android And Not iOS?
A: After rounds of testing, Android has proven to be the fastest because it takes lesser steps for the android ‘software’ to send the information through google play store server or the app’s server. (I’m keeping this explanation as layman as possible) Thus you will have a much higher success rate in getting the drops. Botting on iOS is just going to be a waste of your time.
Q: Does The Bot Try For Rebound?
A: Yes
Q: Will We Get Ban?
A: No, we run the software separate from the APP. We do not modify the veve app in anyway. There is no way veve can detect the use of the program. If you want to be safe, you can transfer the NFT to another veve account for safe keeping.
Q: What Type Of Android Phone Can We Use?
A: Any android phone that does not lag.
Q: Can You Use The Bot On Multiple Phones?
A: Yes. Use it on as many androids as you can. The more android you get, the higher your chance for the drop.
Q: What is the success rate of the bot?
A: Your success rate will improve immensely with the bot. Your internet connection speed and hand phone speed will also affect your success rate. So please be sure you do all your troubleshoots before the drop starts.
Q: Is there trial for the bot?
A: No, the bot will work immediately therefore there is no trial.
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