Build a professional Filtering system for any Post type by any Parameter. Supports WooCommerce products, Permalinks, SEO, Mobile devices, AJAX.

== Description ==
### Build **a Professional faceted Filtering system**
For your WooCommerce products, WordPress posts or any other Post type by any parameters with the Filter Everything plugin.

It is **absolutely new** and that’s why it faster, more thoughtful, has unique SEO features and filters almost everything in WordPress.

### Key Features
**Filters ANY WordPress Post type.** WooCommerce products, Posts, Recipes, Cars, Real estate objects etc

**Filters BY ANY WordPress parameter.**
Any Taxonomy - Category, Tag, Product category, Product tag, Custom taxonomy etc
Any Custom Field (Post meta)
By Author.
So this covers 99% possible filtering criteria.

Well for example:
* Price, Sale price or any numeric value from Custom Fields.
* Product rating
* Product Category, Tag or any custom Product Taxonomy
* Product Attribute: size, color, length, width, weight etc
* All Product statuses: On Sale (PRO), In Stock, Downloadable, Backordered, Featured etc
* Product Type: Variable, Simple, Grouped, External
* Shipping class
* Product Visibility
* Product Brand
* Author
* Any custom WordPress Taxonomy
* Featured image - exists/not exists (PRO)
* Product/Post Views count
* Cooking time
* Calories
* ...
* Anything you can imagine and put into Taxonomy or Custom Field.

**Custom URL prefixes for filters.** Full control on URLs of filtering result pages.

**Dynamic recount posts in selected filter terms.** Allows to see how many products you will see after select the term.

**Fast AJAX.**

**Mobile ready.**

**Clean design.**

**Color Schemes.**

**Native WordPress admin UI.**


#### PRO
The Filter Everything plugin is also available in a professional version which includes:
* **Permalinks** for filtering result pages.
* **Ability to index** filtering pages by Search Engines.
* **Individual filter sets** for Categories or any archives and more.
[Learn more](https://filtereverything.pro/) about PRO.

### DEMOs

Try to filter:
* [Clothing](https://demo.filtereverything.pro/product-category/clothing/women/color-black/c-kind-dress/?max_price=250)
* [Smartphones](https://demo.filtereverything.pro/product-category/electronics/smartphones/)
* [Laptops](https://demo.filtereverything.pro/product-category/electronics/laptops/)

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How do I get support? =

You can try to find a solution to your problem in the plugin [documentation](https://filtereverything.pro/resources/) or ask your question on the support forum. PRO version users can get support by submitting a request via the [form](https://filtereverything.pro/support/).

= The Filter Widget doesn't appear on desired page =

Usually if you don’t see the Filter Widget on desired page, you need to:
1. Check if the Filter Everything widget is placed in the correct sidebar (widget area) for this page.
1. Check if the Filter Set post type matches to this post type’s page.
1. Check if the Filter Set location settings matches to this page.
1. Check if all filters terms are not empty and contain at least one post.

= AJAX feature does not work on my site =

On those WordPress themes that are created according to the standards, AJAX works automatically. However, if you are having problems, check out the AJAX settings in [this article](https://filtereverything.pro/resources/plugin-settings/).

== Installation ==

Uploading via WordPress dashboard
1. From the WordPress dashboard visit Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
2. Choose plugin zip file and upload it
3. Install and Activate the plugin
4. After installation, you will find a new menu item “Filters”
5. Read the documentation to [get started](https://filtereverything.pro/resources/quickstart/)

Uploading via FTP
1. Download the Filter Everything plugin zip file
2. Extract zip file and upload “filter-everything” folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
4. After installation, you will find a new menu item “Filters”
5. Read the documentation to [get started](https://filtereverything.pro/resources/quickstart/)
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