External Importer Pro​

Extract product data from eCommerce sites and import them into WooCommerce.
No API access required. No work with CSV data feeds.

How it works​


Extract product data​

External Importer extracts complete product data directly from stores' websites. Just enter the product detail's address or listing URL. You don't need to access the API or bother with large CSV files.

Import products into WooCommerce​

We've developed a fast, easy-to-use product import tool in your WooCommerce catalog. You have full control over the data you import. Prices and availability will be updated automatically.

Start to earn​

The plugin will use your affiliate IDs to automatically generate affiliate links for all external products. You keep 100% of the affiliate commissions you earn. You can also set your own margin for dropshipping products.


Auto synchronization​

External Importer updates current prices and product availability in your catalog. Updates are scheduled in the background. Out-of-Stock items can be removed automatically.

Auto import​

New products will be automatically imported to your website as soon as they appear on the target website's listing page. Your affiliate store will always have the most up-to-date products.

Avoid getting blocked​

Read and respect robots.txt rules, daily query quotas, requests throttling, random query intervals, cookie sessions, real browser's headers, user-agents rotation, etc.

Use any affiliate networks​

Use deeplinks or dynamically change them to generate affiliate links and drive traffic through any affiliate networks.

Dropshipping store​

You can import products as "simple" WooCommerce products and create your dropshipping store. Use flexible rules to set your markup.

Affiliate Egg integration​

If our Affiliate Egg Pro plugin is already installed on your website, AE parsers (including custom AE parsers) can be used to extract products to the External Importer.

Global/local attributes​

You decide for yourself which product specifications you want to make global attributes (taxonomy). This allows you to use special widgets and filters for your WooCommerce catalog.

External images by URL​

Featured images and galleries can be displayed from external sites without saving them to a local media library. This saves a lot of space on your server's hard drive.

Dynamic categories​

Products with extracted category paths will be automatically imported to the corresponding category. This significantly simplifies bulk importing products.
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